Should any one stock with Cheap Jewewelry.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

Discussion: Should or Should not any one stock with Cheap Jewelry.
Considering cheap jewelry is wrong. The quality is poor and people at some time will not appreciate it. Finding the cheapest jewelry is a popular option for many people at first glance. The problem, of course, is you get what you pay for. In the case of jewelry, this can mean a significant and noticeable difference in physical appearance.
When buying cheap jewelry only for yourself, you can pretty much shop for the bottom, line as you see fit. You know what you are paying and you know what you are getting, if there are fake diamonds, so it is up to you. More so, the jewelry does not represent an expression of your feelings towards anyone, which is not the case when buying for someone else.
When buying for a loved one or friend, going with cheap jewelry can be questionable. Purchasers of jewelry often misunderstand its meaning in relation to how people receiving it will gauge it. With jewelry gifts, no mater what kind, rings, hoops, necklace the quality of the jewelry is always interpreted as a sign of how you feel about the person in question. If you buy low end jewelry for a loved one in particular, your gift may rebound on you in a very bad way if they interpret the piece as a statement you really don’t care much for them. Simply put, you have to be careful!
With all means above, does mean you need to buy the largest piece of design jewelry in the store? No. In the case of loved ones, consider they usually have a pretty good feel for your finances. It is far better to buy the best quality piece you can afford than to buy something that is large, but of lower quality. This is a time tested rule, and it will keep your gift from backfiring on you.
Cheap jewelry, rings can cause trouble to your relationship. While you think you should get credit for giving a gift, others may see it as a sign of your feelings towards them. If not really sure what to buy, stock with the best quality you have available finance.
As from some point of vew if finance is not a problem then apply to jewelry different than others like unique engagement rings, unique diamond rings, custom diamond rings, custom engagement rings, etc.